Troilus and Cressida

In Troy, there lies the scene…

As of this moment I am writing backstage from Arden Shakespeare Gild’s (yes it is spelled incorrectly on purpose) production of Troilus and Cressida. This is not only my first professional stage production but also my first Shakespeare production! I have only been an actress for about a year and I still consider myself in training. Being selected to play any part in this play blew my mind! I play the role of Alexandrea, originally Alexander, the servant to Cressida. It is a nice small part which is very doable for me and doesn’t require much if any emotional preparation though I do throw quite a bit of shade at Pandarus. 

The way in which I got the part was a little bit of a winding road. I was first introduced to the Gild by way of my former co-worker George who was in the production a year before playing Edmund in King Lear. I haven’t watched many Shakepeare production other than Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet. Everyone in Lear was absoulutely amazing including George and his brother Rob who played Edgar aka Poor Tom, they stole the show. I was so riveted by the performance that I began to follow the Gild on Facebook for upcoming shows. Half a year later they made a post for open call auditions for Troilus and Cressida and I said “this is my chance!” One of the follow up posts was a book recommendation called ‘The Shakespeare Audition’ by Laura Wayth. Since my training was so limited this book was a Godsend. In it explained how to audition for a role in any Shakespeare play. It broke down Iambic pentameter (the pace of which to speak), where to add weight to the words, recommendations on what pieces you should audition with and so much more. Armed with my new knowledge I came in and took a chance. To be very honest it was nervewracking and I felt like I had to run away to poop lol. The first night went well and even though I was very optimistic, I still wasn’t sure that I would even be selected. Actually I was just so happy I took a chance. Later that night I got a callback for a second audition…SQUEE!!!! They want me to come back?! *WOO*  After that session I was offered the part of Alexandrea and ready to dive into my script.

From that time in January of 2016 until now we had been working diligently to put on a great show. So far we are doing well! After today we will have one more weekend before wrapping the show, having the cast party and striking the stage. I’ve made new friends and we had been doing karaoke the past 2 Saturday nights (liquor and singing make for a jovial time.) That’s all for now as I have to get back on stage soon for the second to last scene and curtain call. One day soon I will have video of the production. Until that time this is a nifty picture of some of the cast sitting backstage in the heat in their heavy costumes.

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