Learning to Perfom a British Accent

(Source: Monty Python’s Flying Circus BBC and Pinterest.)

Last week I attended an audition for a play titled “Carmilla” directed by my friend Sean McGuire. I got a callback for a second audition yesterday and I have a few days to prepare. The two roles I’m auditioning for require me to speak in a Standard British Accent. In an ideal world with better finances I would hire the best coach possible to help me spruce up my accent. Alas I cannot so I have to resort to the next best thing…watching native and some non native speakers speak to understand the structure.

As you can see my main source of education is Monty Python. Learning while having fun is usually the best way for something to stick. However I’m not limited to just MP. I also watch:



•Pretty much any James Bond movie that’s on. (Even the crap ones)

•Absolutely Fabulous

•Whatever is on PBS

•Old radio recordings of various Shakepeare plays.

•This Is Spinal Tap

•Any of Eddie Izzard’s stand up routines

Now prior to watching I also purchased a Standard British Accent training course taught by Paul Meier which is very good. Go to PaulMeier.com for British Isles accents as well as many others. He breaks down examples of how certain words should be spoken so it sets you up for success. All that has to be done after is listen to native speakers to get a pace and a cadence across. I hope to have active links on this site soon. In the meantime, I hope this list helps.

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