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One of the other catalysts that flung me into an acting career besides jumping back into modeling, was the opportunity to go back to college. I had attended a previous college years ago for Media Design (I wanted to move to Japan and design video games) but was unable to finish due to finances and the quality of education by the school. (It got shut down by the IRS for frauding students and the government out of money.)

The school I will hopefully attend is a genuine accredited school located in the British Isles. The degree is entirely vocational which means NO MATH (yay!) Also the program teaches Meisner which is the training I started with here in the US. Two years ago before I started taking on work; I was working on the logistics on attending school there and encountered some big obstacles. 1) In order to obtain a student visa, I had to have roughly over €35000 or $50000 to my name to start with to be accepted in the country! (At this time I was in poverty and homeless…soooo, no.) There were exceptions to get around this, like verifying citizenship which was possible until I found out our family records were lost. (I have quite a bit of European heritage even though it’s hard to tell by looking at me.) I could start a business that provided jobs (except I had no job, no capital, was poor and homeless.) Or I could get married, but I have to prove that I am indeed in love with him and that I’m not getting married for citizenship and get deported. 2) I had to go overseas for the audition to get into the school. (I’m already riding the struggle bus financially and I had no experience on how to audition.) Needless to say I was a bit discouraged.

But the Universe gave me another chance.

A family member of mine now works on the board of the US branch of the school. One of the top officials of the school wants to speak with me and see if we can overcome some of the hurdles that would keep me from attending the school. And because I have some current training, a resume and my age (I’m 33), I may be able to shave some time off of my degree as well!

Pray that this works. I really want to train and put in some real work. I would love to do some stage and screen work in the British Isles and would love to make some new friends in a different part of the world. With everything I have going still, I’m willing it into existence. I’m also a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and packing my room as if I’m moving there next week. Hopefully soon I will post back with good news.

(Source: Pinterest.)

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