Pulling it All Together 

(Source: someecards.com and Pinterest.)

It’s going to be a busy few days starting with today. I woke up early this morning after having an extremely weird dream about someone famous who was really annoying and following me around because I was more of an adult than they were. This got me thinking…am I really getting my house in order? Am I really adulting or am I just pretending? Right now I think I am somewhere in the middle. Changing into a new life from years of accepting the status quo of how I should conduct myself has been a strange winding road. So this is a list of what I’m working on so far:

•De-cluttering my space. This for me is huge because I grew up with compulsive shoppers and disorganization and never really saw structure so now I’m just throwing away anything I don’t need left and right. (Which is probably why I’m also de-cluttering my relationships and my feelings. Throw EVERYTHING out and start over!)

•Today after posting this I have two table reads today. The first one is for a friend who wants to play around with the script a bit. Including working more with Iambic pentameter and the life of the character I’m reading for. (I will post about the reads later.) and later will be a table read for the play I was cast for in “Carmilla” which will give me more time to work with my accent since the script just came in.

•The memorial service for my former boss is coming up and I have my clothes ready for that. Though I don’t know about emotionally. Many of my former co-workers I haven’t seen in years so this will be a sad reunion.

•I put in for another open-call casting for a show that I put in for last week. This week is for a different scene and maybe a better chance to make it on the show. It’s network tv so hopefully I do. 😊

•I need to submit a formal request for my old college transcript from the school I attended in Philadelphia. I left previously because of grades and finances. (I was very lost back then.) And I may have to jump through some hoops of fire to get this record. We shall see. If I’m successful, it betters my chances of getting into the school in the British Isles and maybe not have to take as many courses. Working in the field helps me get experiential learning credit and may save me some money that way too.

Is this adulting? God I sure hope so. Otherwise it just feels like I’m running on a giant hamster wheel right now.

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