Table Read

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Original Photographer unknown.)

Double post day! I had some good reads today. I’m really excited for “Carmilla” not just because of the story line, but also for a chance to work with a bigger part and an accent on top of that. (I desperately need to clean it up a bit and be more consistent.) I’ve worked on smaller parts in both film and stage with smaller dialogue and even in “Carmilla” most of my lines are clipped but I will have quite a bit of stage time and my acting will be more physical. (I danced in recitals and did competition cheerleading so using my body to convey a story is very easy for me.)

The earlier read I did was experimental and like I said in my previous post: nothing set in stone but a good test nonetheless. That play is based from an old Jacobean play called “The Patient Man, Amourous Virgin and Honest Whore” a strong title to be sure but for the 16th century, it is common language. This was written by Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton and adapted by my friend George to function in modern day theatre. Both scripts are in my possession and covered in highlighter. 😊

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