When You Compare Yourself…

Just finished watching a movie featuring an actress who I would like to be like. A friend of mine said over dinner “as long as you keep plugging away at it, there will be a point where you are opening doors where you were previously looking in windows.” The words are well meaning…sometimes I just don’t know. 

Comparison is something I come by honestly and taught at an early age. I used to hear my mother compare herself to others constantly. Not blaming my mother, because it was passed down to her as well. I think it is something we all do really. 

We compare ourselves to the successes of others when we are feeling low.

When we are dumped by someone and they choose someone else, we compare ourselves to the other person they chose. 

We compare ourselves out of dominance of others to make ourselves feel superior.

I’m guilty of all of these things. And frankly I’m getting tired of it. I know this is my journey to take. I know that the only person responsible for loving me is me. I know that comparing myself to another person will just make me crazy and more insecure. 

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