Falling in Love…Convincingly

(Actually, I’m paired with another woman.)

The play that I am cast in and working on right now is my first part where I have a romantic relationship with another person. I’m a little nervous. I consider myself to be a friendly person, I love people (though my posts lately have been about cutting people off. I’ll fix that, I promise. Not everyone in my life is bad.) But being the introvert that I am, sometimes I feel that I don’t connect with them fully. It’s scary to be vulnerable, especially when it comes to love. My history of real love has ended in me being broken time after time. And it has been such a long time since I have genuinely been in love that I don’t remember what that feels like. Now I have to do this for a role, with someone I have no attraction to. So far this is my plan of attack:

•Watch as many mushy romance films as possible.

•Listen to equally mushy music.

•Read romantic poetry

•Pretend this girl is someone else that I would want to fall in love with. (No offense to her, I’m sure she is a lovely person.) 

Hopefully as rehearsals go on, that I will be more convincing. I want to give a good performance.

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