Weight Loss

              (Early January 2014: 230 lbs)

I have never been a small girl. I’m tall-ish, my build is traditionally more muscular and I like to eat. My weight had fluctuated consistently throughout my life and I would crash diet or workout extra hard to lose the pounds. People would give me constructive criticism on how to drop the weight, but still I would feel a bit low. I do like to be physically active and had a very good athletic career despite whatever extra pounds I may have carried on my body.

        (Besides Pole, I also did Competitive    Cheerleading and Tae Kwon Do.)

When I was laid off from my incredibly stressful corporate job, it didn’t occur to me how much it damaged me until the top photo above was taken. That job took it’s toll, from having an awful boss, to making up impossible deadlines, constant monitoring by surveillance to see that we were sitting at our desks. Early mornings, long hours and an hour commute there and back home. I was exhausted physically and mentally. Food and coffee loaded with excess sugar we’re the only things that kept me going. It also kept my weight going up.
For the majority of 2014, was just a year of recovery and healing. Because the stress was so great it created physical symptoms that I had to recover from first. (Anxiety, depression, hair loss, skin break outs, sleep deprivation, etc.) Honestly I think during the time when I was collecting unemployment, I slept for the majority of that time. Sleep is the best medicine for a worn out body.

               (Circa July 2015 at 160 lbs.)

The real change happened for me around May 2015. I made the decision to begin my training in New York. Since I had no car and Amtrak was expensive, it meant taking a train and bus to get to New York and walking most of the way. (I didn’t use the subway unless really necessary to save on money.) This also aided in limiting time I would normally use to sit around and eat. (New York is fun to explore.) After the cost of traveling to NY was too great, I resumed my training closer to home in Philadelphia. Still this involved lots of walking and limited time for food. While I was busy pursuing my passion the weight began to fall off! In about 2 months time, I dropped from my previous weight of 210 lbs (20 of it came off from sleep and recovery) down to 160 lbs. By no means did I starve myself, but I didn’t eat out of boredom of stress either. This weight loss was done happily.

(Photo courtesy of Pete Lounsbury. May 2016 180 lbs)

My progress stuck for a bit until November 2015 when I was rear-ended in a really bad car accident that sent my mother to the hospital and required both my parents and myself ongoing treatment for our injuries. While I still have a case pending and can’t discuss my injuries, what I can say is that I was not allowed to do anything physical for a while. This broke my spirit 😞. Slowly 20 lbs began to creep up on me. 

By the time Troilus and Cressida opened, I was 180 lbs. Thankfully it wasn’t a 50 lb jump; still after feeling like my old self again, it was a bit of a disappointment.

(Circa last week on the set of Quantico s. 2)

From June until now, I was given permission by my medical team to do light workouts. Being able to go walking and do non weighted workouts like Taijutsu and Yoga (In addition to depression dieting 😕) helped me to shed off those 20 lbs. I noticed while working on the set of Quantico that I was not much heavier than the lead actress Priyanka Chopra. In fact, another 13 lbs, I would be able to wear the same size as her! (So stoked)

(Those arms! I call this move “The Gun Show”)

Today I found out some absolutely wonderful news, I’ve been cleared by my medical team. Not only will this help my case but it also means I can workout like normal again! That means ALL of the pole classes, martial arts classes, gymnastics, roller derby and fencing lessons I can afford! I am so ready to go full force I can’t wait! 150 here I come!

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