Seriously, follow me on Pinterest under my name: Shamma Casson

Even with all of my depression and moping around, I still find time to play around on Pinterest. I get several ideas whether it is work related, beauty, things for my home, style ideas and even just plain humor. 

Lately I’ve been pinning makeup ideas. Mostly Middle Eastern looks since that is part of my heritage amongst others (I’m Interracial.) I really want to be able to do a good brow, a nice cut crease and purchase a good Kajal eyeliner and look like this girl below:

(This is more of a smokey eye than a cut crease but you get the idea)

It’s just a matter of getting all of the tools and getting my skin back on point. (Being sad is hurting my complexion) 

Another thing I’ve been pinning is recipes and fitness ideas…none of which I have used. But I’ll get there, I just need to stop being Queen Procrastinator.

Overall Pinterest is my therapy and gets me through. I get notifications on my phone whenever I get suggestions for new pins, new followers or repins. I hope to see some of you on there so I can be nosy and see what you’re into.

All E-Cards and Photo sourced by Pinterest.

Play Selection Committee 

I’m still in a bit of a foul mood and what better way to cheer me up then reading Shakespeare. This year I am a member of the play selection committee for the Arden Shakespeare Gild. It will probably be my only involvement with them for quite some time if I get accepted to go to school in Ireland. There’s quite a bit of reading I have to do from now until Monday so it’s time to whip out Big Bertha…

                         (Isn’t she lovely?)

The submissions we got this year are 1) A Midsummer’s Night Dream. 2) a back to back presentation of Titus Andronicus and The Merry Wives of Windsor and 3) Cymbeline. I have to be very discerning as these submissions also come with direction ideas for how the show will be presented. So quite a bit of imagination will be used. Who will win? We shall see…

The Blue Dress

I’m in a blue mood so I want to talk about my blue dress. I would have talked about my experience on Gotham but they were so strict about social media posting so I chose not to talk about that and hopefully you will see me on TV. 

A little history about this dress. 1) I bought it about this time last year for $10 on consignment. 2) Yes, it is a very short dress, but it is also a body con dress and when I tried it on it was flattering and held in the chubby parts. 3) It’s a Medium (gasp! I’m one of those skinny heifers now!) 4) Obviously because of its style, it needs to be worn to a nightclub somewhere. 5) This particular shade of blue is in season right now (I’m trendy lol.) So I have lovingly named it “The Bad Day Dress.”

It’s called that because I’m saving it for a bad day. When I’m feeling extra sad or hurt or bloated. This dress will see me through. If it wasn’t a Tuesday and I was going somewhere, I would wear it. *Sigh* one day. As I was going through my things to pack to NY on Saturday night is when I noticed it again. It would be cool that on a shit night when I feel like crap this is the dress I wear and meet a really cute guy. A girl can dream.

Another Background Submission and Comic Con

(Circa April 2016 from James Frain’s table at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.)

Fingers Crossed!! The most recent background submission holds a special place in my heart because it would be for Gotham! 

To give a little backstory: I was raised Geek. (Thanks Dad!) Because of that life long obsession most of my misspent youth was misspending loads of money on graphic novels and other memorabilia. Anything Batman was always a top favorite and Dad took me to the first shows of the Tim Burton films and the first Joel Schumacher film. (Not the second one though…that one was shit.)

(Me pictured here with James Frain a.k.a Theo Galavan, a.k.a Azrael)

This past April I worked as a volunteer at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I did that for a couple of reasons, 1) I was working with very little money and the only way to get free admission was to work for free. (Earning my keep!) 2) The former Pink Power Ranger: Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson) was attending and 3) John Paragon who played Jambi on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse was attending. (Aaaaaaahhhhhh Childhood Memories!) So I HAD to go.  And of course it was AWESOME! I ended up getting shuffled to a couple of different spots during my shift until I eventually became a celebrity helper for James Frain (as pictured above.) I’ve been told I give off an air of responsibility and probably the reason I got selected for management in a couple of my jobs (I will post about jobs after my last shift at Starbucks) which is why they felt safe having me work with a celebrity. 

I’m excited because I wonder if he will be working this scene? He may not remember me, but I can say “Hey, remember me? I was your table helper in Philadelphia. I was the one that asked you where you got your training and which school you recommend.” Who knows but still it would be so fun to be there. Especially after working with him and Robin Lord Taylor at GPCC.

The only other instance of this happening would be to work on Infinity War. (Though sadly, I’m not a Georgia resident where they’re filming.) Rewind: back to early June of this year when I worked at Wizard World Philadelphia all four days. This was a much bigger convention that featured the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I didn’t get to roam around as much as the other one. (The rules were stricter and security was tighter.) Still, I got shuffled along to the autographs area and worked in the Thor section on Saturday and Sunday. 

(Seriously though, Tom Hiddleston’s fans were lit.)

Overall, I’m still so excited about this journey I’m on. I would love to bring honor to my family and work on the projects of the things we love. Though I’m probably going to take a break from volunteering for a while, especially while I’m in school in Ireland.


This is definitely not a post related to acting but one that is absolutely necessary. Yesterday was the the primary elections in the state of Delaware. Some of the candidates I voted for did get selected and some did not. And while I am disappointed in one of the candidates elected, at least I have a good reason to be disappointed. There was only a 13% voter turnout yesterday in the city of Wilmington. Let me repeat that again…13% voter turnout! Are you freaking kidding me?! I really hope this isn’t the trend for the General Election. I will be working the polls on Election Day as I did two years ago for the Mid-Terms. It will be a very long day but good for me because it would mean serving my country in the best possible way, giving people a voice. Regardless of how you feel about a candidate, VOTE. Make your voice heard! Know your rights! (I ordered a free pocket constitution from the ACLU.) Know your district, report any fraud or voter intimidation. These people work for you, not the other way around so don’t complain about who’s running your country if you didn’t GET OFF YOUR ASS to the polling stations. Thank you. I’ll see you on Election Day.

Leaps of Faith and Stress Relief…

          (Source: The Smart Witch FB)

I put in my notice at my job yesterday and it was a little rough. Well to be perfectly honest the past few days have been a little rough which influenced my decision. Still I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing and then I put in my notice. The job and the crew were good to me so no the decision to leave wasn’t because of them. What I really wanted was to be able to immerse myself completely in my industry. Money was already tight and will probably get worse before it gets better. This is going to be a very scary time but would be scarier if I didn’t pursue my career with full force. I do have some things coming in which will help me financially, but not quite at the higher levels that I’m used to.

I’ve also lived in extreme poverty before, it’s not pretty, but I survived. I can survive again.

The next few days are going to be filled with intense praying and playing the new Phoenix Wright game. Concentrating on something like puzzle games and RPGs help to take the edge off without resorting to eating or drinking alcoholic beverages. And like I said there are still some projects on the horizon (although few and far in between.) 

Please Jesus, see me through this. Amen.

Attending a DJ’s Wedding 

  (Congratulations Stephen and Michele!)

I was cordially invited to attend the wedding of a friend of mine DJ Sticks. He is one of many DJs that I know just from going out clubbing on the regular. I like them because they are creatives too. They know music brings the people together into jovial bliss and I can get down with that (I was a musician.) 
Sticks and Michele started off as friends and they have known each other for 16 years before realizing that they were perfect for each other and decided to get married. This is the first marriage for both of them. Michele has said earlier in the year that it was time for them to be married and her excitement was palpable lol! 

        (I’m pretty sure this will be me.)

Of course Sticks is supported by a community of DJs, so the music and light show were on point.

The wedding itself took place on a historical area in Georgetown, DE; Sussex County (or what us Northern Residents call Slower-Lower Delaware.) It was a series of barns and mini museums with vintage items like a 1950’s Gas Pump and an entire museum dedicated to the old telephone companies complete with pay phones. (Check out my Instagram for those pics @shammacasson) While it wasn’t a big wedding, the party was definitely fun and I’m super excited for the happy couple. 

Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

(My sister, the bartender and myself. We didn’t catch her name but she was sweet.)

      (Anthony a.k.a “The Kid” was the resident DJ for the reception.)

(My sister caught the bouquet and Sticks’s son caught the garter. No worries, he only put it around her foot lol.)

(Us posing with “The Kid’s” girlfriend Kim.)

(My sister and I waiting for the magic to happen.)

(Last but not least: my favorite photo of the Bride and Groom with the Groom’s son standing in front of him. *Sigh* one day, maybe, I  my future husband will look at me like that.)

Taking a Bold Step

I may or may not succeed in what I just did. However I felt that if I didn’t do it, then I may miss out on something wonderful. I reached out to an industry professional. 

Here’s the story: I did not get the follow up call back to shoot again on Quantico. This was a gig I did try out for before to play a hostage on the show. The show required the background people to be athletic and to handle the rigors of the shoot that would require a bit of stunt work. Since I do want to add stunts to my portfolio, I first reached out to Angela Meryl that I met back in July that is very established in the industry and wrote a book loaded with info. 

(This book is a great resource, please check it out!)

She answered my questions and even told me to introduce myself to the stunt coordinator for the show and to let him know that I met her and she said that he was the one to talk to. But then, I didn’t get selected…😢

But I didn’t give up and later managed to get selected for the show in a different scene with no stunt work so he wasn’t there. Still I loved it, made new connections and got TV time. 

Yesterday the casting agency put out a notice again for the hostage scene and I said “Yes, this is my shot!” 

Once again…no 😢

I have projects coming up but only a couple and I want to do more paid work in the industry. Stunt work as I was told by a friend of mine opened many doors for him and I would like to go about it the same day. I’m a bit of a Tomboy anyway, so being physical and possibly getting hurt does not scare me in the slightest.

So this morning I Googled stunt coordinator and a man named Ben Cooke came up. I went on his website and saw his reel. I found out he worked on Skyfall which happens to be a film that Angela worked on and I wrote to him about how to further break into the industry. I mentioned that I met Angela and I really want to know how to hit the ground running. Like I said before he may or may not reach back to me, but at least I tried. I don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Fingers Crossed 

So I just got another notice about filming for Quantico and I put in for it. This one would involve some stunt work if I get it and that would be super cool! The scene would involve a hostage situation. The scene I shot last week was at an upscale party. 
My concern is since I got TV time the last time, will they pick me again? Or if this is a later show then my chances would be better. I’m praying for the latter. And like the title…Fingers Crossed. 🙏🏽

Arden Fair

(At the 109th Arden Fair. All are welcome hither.)

Saturday marked my first attendance to the Arden Fair. This is a fair that is hosted every year by the Arden Club to raise money for the club, as well as present the culture that the Arden Club is about. As a member of the Shakespeare Gild, I was asked briefly to help out. Although that did not happen, I did manage to enjoy the festivities while I was there.

What was included in the fair was live bands, folk dancing, book sale, food, vendors, food, holistic classes, booze, men in kilts and food.

(Sadly non of the gentlemen present were half-naked.)

It was a bit of a miniature Renaissance fair and I look forward to attending next year.