Taking a Bold Step

I may or may not succeed in what I just did. However I felt that if I didn’t do it, then I may miss out on something wonderful. I reached out to an industry professional. 

Here’s the story: I did not get the follow up call back to shoot again on Quantico. This was a gig I did try out for before to play a hostage on the show. The show required the background people to be athletic and to handle the rigors of the shoot that would require a bit of stunt work. Since I do want to add stunts to my portfolio, I first reached out to Angela Meryl that I met back in July that is very established in the industry and wrote a book loaded with info. 

(This book is a great resource, please check it out!)

She answered my questions and even told me to introduce myself to the stunt coordinator for the show and to let him know that I met her and she said that he was the one to talk to. But then, I didn’t get selected…😢

But I didn’t give up and later managed to get selected for the show in a different scene with no stunt work so he wasn’t there. Still I loved it, made new connections and got TV time. 

Yesterday the casting agency put out a notice again for the hostage scene and I said “Yes, this is my shot!” 

Once again…no 😢

I have projects coming up but only a couple and I want to do more paid work in the industry. Stunt work as I was told by a friend of mine opened many doors for him and I would like to go about it the same day. I’m a bit of a Tomboy anyway, so being physical and possibly getting hurt does not scare me in the slightest.

So this morning I Googled stunt coordinator and a man named Ben Cooke came up. I went on his website and saw his reel. I found out he worked on Skyfall which happens to be a film that Angela worked on and I wrote to him about how to further break into the industry. I mentioned that I met Angela and I really want to know how to hit the ground running. Like I said before he may or may not reach back to me, but at least I tried. I don’t want to miss any opportunities.

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