Attending a DJ’s Wedding 

  (Congratulations Stephen and Michele!)

I was cordially invited to attend the wedding of a friend of mine DJ Sticks. He is one of many DJs that I know just from going out clubbing on the regular. I like them because they are creatives too. They know music brings the people together into jovial bliss and I can get down with that (I was a musician.) 
Sticks and Michele started off as friends and they have known each other for 16 years before realizing that they were perfect for each other and decided to get married. This is the first marriage for both of them. Michele has said earlier in the year that it was time for them to be married and her excitement was palpable lol! 

        (I’m pretty sure this will be me.)

Of course Sticks is supported by a community of DJs, so the music and light show were on point.

The wedding itself took place on a historical area in Georgetown, DE; Sussex County (or what us Northern Residents call Slower-Lower Delaware.) It was a series of barns and mini museums with vintage items like a 1950’s Gas Pump and an entire museum dedicated to the old telephone companies complete with pay phones. (Check out my Instagram for those pics @shammacasson) While it wasn’t a big wedding, the party was definitely fun and I’m super excited for the happy couple. 

Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

(My sister, the bartender and myself. We didn’t catch her name but she was sweet.)

      (Anthony a.k.a “The Kid” was the resident DJ for the reception.)

(My sister caught the bouquet and Sticks’s son caught the garter. No worries, he only put it around her foot lol.)

(Us posing with “The Kid’s” girlfriend Kim.)

(My sister and I waiting for the magic to happen.)

(Last but not least: my favorite photo of the Bride and Groom with the Groom’s son standing in front of him. *Sigh* one day, maybe, I  my future husband will look at me like that.)

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