This is definitely not a post related to acting but one that is absolutely necessary. Yesterday was the the primary elections in the state of Delaware. Some of the candidates I voted for did get selected and some did not. And while I am disappointed in one of the candidates elected, at least I have a good reason to be disappointed. There was only a 13% voter turnout yesterday in the city of Wilmington. Let me repeat that again…13% voter turnout! Are you freaking kidding me?! I really hope this isn’t the trend for the General Election. I will be working the polls on Election Day as I did two years ago for the Mid-Terms. It will be a very long day but good for me because it would mean serving my country in the best possible way, giving people a voice. Regardless of how you feel about a candidate, VOTE. Make your voice heard! Know your rights! (I ordered a free pocket constitution from the ACLU.) Know your district, report any fraud or voter intimidation. These people work for you, not the other way around so don’t complain about who’s running your country if you didn’t GET OFF YOUR ASS to the polling stations. Thank you. I’ll see you on Election Day.

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