Another Background Submission and Comic Con

(Circa April 2016 from James Frain’s table at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.)

Fingers Crossed!! The most recent background submission holds a special place in my heart because it would be for Gotham! 

To give a little backstory: I was raised Geek. (Thanks Dad!) Because of that life long obsession most of my misspent youth was misspending loads of money on graphic novels and other memorabilia. Anything Batman was always a top favorite and Dad took me to the first shows of the Tim Burton films and the first Joel Schumacher film. (Not the second one though…that one was shit.)

(Me pictured here with James Frain a.k.a Theo Galavan, a.k.a Azrael)

This past April I worked as a volunteer at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I did that for a couple of reasons, 1) I was working with very little money and the only way to get free admission was to work for free. (Earning my keep!) 2) The former Pink Power Ranger: Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson) was attending and 3) John Paragon who played Jambi on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse was attending. (Aaaaaaahhhhhh Childhood Memories!) So I HAD to go.  And of course it was AWESOME! I ended up getting shuffled to a couple of different spots during my shift until I eventually became a celebrity helper for James Frain (as pictured above.) I’ve been told I give off an air of responsibility and probably the reason I got selected for management in a couple of my jobs (I will post about jobs after my last shift at Starbucks) which is why they felt safe having me work with a celebrity. 

I’m excited because I wonder if he will be working this scene? He may not remember me, but I can say “Hey, remember me? I was your table helper in Philadelphia. I was the one that asked you where you got your training and which school you recommend.” Who knows but still it would be so fun to be there. Especially after working with him and Robin Lord Taylor at GPCC.

The only other instance of this happening would be to work on Infinity War. (Though sadly, I’m not a Georgia resident where they’re filming.) Rewind: back to early June of this year when I worked at Wizard World Philadelphia all four days. This was a much bigger convention that featured the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I didn’t get to roam around as much as the other one. (The rules were stricter and security was tighter.) Still, I got shuffled along to the autographs area and worked in the Thor section on Saturday and Sunday. 

(Seriously though, Tom Hiddleston’s fans were lit.)

Overall, I’m still so excited about this journey I’m on. I would love to bring honor to my family and work on the projects of the things we love. Though I’m probably going to take a break from volunteering for a while, especially while I’m in school in Ireland.

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