Play Selection Committee 

I’m still in a bit of a foul mood and what better way to cheer me up then reading Shakespeare. This year I am a member of the play selection committee for the Arden Shakespeare Gild. It will probably be my only involvement with them for quite some time if I get accepted to go to school in Ireland. There’s quite a bit of reading I have to do from now until Monday so it’s time to whip out Big Bertha…

                         (Isn’t she lovely?)

The submissions we got this year are 1) A Midsummer’s Night Dream. 2) a back to back presentation of Titus Andronicus and The Merry Wives of Windsor and 3) Cymbeline. I have to be very discerning as these submissions also come with direction ideas for how the show will be presented. So quite a bit of imagination will be used. Who will win? We shall see…

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