The Blue Dress

I’m in a blue mood so I want to talk about my blue dress. I would have talked about my experience on Gotham but they were so strict about social media posting so I chose not to talk about that and hopefully you will see me on TV. 

A little history about this dress. 1) I bought it about this time last year for $10 on consignment. 2) Yes, it is a very short dress, but it is also a body con dress and when I tried it on it was flattering and held in the chubby parts. 3) It’s a Medium (gasp! I’m one of those skinny heifers now!) 4) Obviously because of its style, it needs to be worn to a nightclub somewhere. 5) This particular shade of blue is in season right now (I’m trendy lol.) So I have lovingly named it “The Bad Day Dress.”

It’s called that because I’m saving it for a bad day. When I’m feeling extra sad or hurt or bloated. This dress will see me through. If it wasn’t a Tuesday and I was going somewhere, I would wear it. *Sigh* one day. As I was going through my things to pack to NY on Saturday night is when I noticed it again. It would be cool that on a shit night when I feel like crap this is the dress I wear and meet a really cute guy. A girl can dream.

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