Seriously, follow me on Pinterest under my name: Shamma Casson

Even with all of my depression and moping around, I still find time to play around on Pinterest. I get several ideas whether it is work related, beauty, things for my home, style ideas and even just plain humor. 

Lately I’ve been pinning makeup ideas. Mostly Middle Eastern looks since that is part of my heritage amongst others (I’m Interracial.) I really want to be able to do a good brow, a nice cut crease and purchase a good Kajal eyeliner and look like this girl below:

(This is more of a smokey eye than a cut crease but you get the idea)

It’s just a matter of getting all of the tools and getting my skin back on point. (Being sad is hurting my complexion) 

Another thing I’ve been pinning is recipes and fitness ideas…none of which I have used. But I’ll get there, I just need to stop being Queen Procrastinator.

Overall Pinterest is my therapy and gets me through. I get notifications on my phone whenever I get suggestions for new pins, new followers or repins. I hope to see some of you on there so I can be nosy and see what you’re into.

All E-Cards and Photo sourced by Pinterest.

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