Teaching and Public Speaking 

To keep money in my pocket, I’ve taken up teaching at my local modeling school and agency. Parents of these students and even the students themselves (I have one or two that are adults) come in and learn not only proper grooming but personal development and audition skills as well. The beauty of the session I am in and the students I have is that I am a working teacher. It’s good that I have worked in fashion shows and performed in plays and films. I feel I that I am able to put a real life spin on what I’m teaching and therefore able to convey a clearer message. 

(Photo Courtesy of my former classmate Randall Law. Circa April 2016.)

This past April I was invited by my former classmate to speak to the current students of my old high school. I really enjoyed it, especially since my journey to become an actress was quite weird and winding. If anything, it would help the kids understand that where you start isn’t always the final destination. My biggest concern is: being out of touch as an adult. How do I effectively communicate with people so young?

(I was a a student of the now former Academy of Communications and Publishing with a focus in Film and Video Technology. This is the equipment of the dark ages I used to work on. The kids have access to better tech nowadays.)

I figure since memes are popular, plus my excessive use of Urban Dictionary will help me from being a complete embarrassment. (Though I did have a 19 year old explain Snapchat to me and she called me an Old Person 😡)  I really hope to influence my students (especially since they are all female) that they can be strong women in this industry without compromising who they are and how they feel about themselves. Keep me in your prayers that I don’t mess up.

I hope all of my public speaking on this level, brings me to more public speaking gigs on bigger levels. Acting is great and that is something I will continue forward with; I just want to incorporate more lectures along with it. Here are my goals:

•Join Toastmasters and compete in Regional, National and International levels.

•Do a TED Talk (I don’t know on what yet.)

•Do a lecture at a University (who ever will book me.) 

Some things I know I need to work on (and when I hear others do this it drives me nuts) is to reduce saying “um” and “uh” between each sentence. It’s ok to allow for a pause and gather thought even though I panic and want to keep conversation going. I have to go back to my old competition cheerleading days when we were encouraged to “use the space” and not stand stone-dead in one spot. And finally to work on my lisp and stuttering. I know those of you reading this haven’t heard my voice but I do have a slight one and I stutter when I get nervous (I need to stop being nervous.) All in due time I suppose.

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