Yeah, it was one of those days. The first disappointment being that I could not figure out the logistics to get to New York to do a background job. I neither had the money or the time and that is really bumming me out. It’s my fault really, I feel like I need to budget better and I don’t know how with such limited resources. And that was even before being unemployed. I wish I made money like I did back in the old days but…even they aren’t pulling it in like they used to. Sigh. 

The second disappointment was an ambassador job that paid a decent wage and close to home. I went to apply for it and got the notice that this position has already been filled. BOO! Given, it wouldn’t start until a month from now at the Linc but it would have been something in the future that I could count on. Both gigs were probably not meant for me. 

Back to the drawing board.

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