Working the Runway 

                       (Source: Pinterest)

So after a busy week and a bad case of writers block, I’m back and with happy things to report. 

In the past four days I have been cast in two paying modeling jobs. The first one I got is with a local boutique that specializes in gowns and is hosting a huge gala to present them. The second is with Philadelphia Fashion Week. Both are awesome, I look forward to both of them.

The interesting thing is, this has been my first few modeling jobs in quite a while. This part of the industry hasn’t been getting too much attention from me just due to working on Carmilla and doing as much background as I can (I still got rejected several times since my last post for background.) I was starting to get a little discouraged that I’m not moving in the way that I should. That is not to say that working on these productions haven’t been great, they’re amazing; still I can’t help but feel I should be doing something bigger. But everything does happen for a reason and I think the runway jobs are that reason. Who knows what designer(s) I may connect with? I do have a gala to attend in March 2017 and I need gown ideas. This is what I wore to the last gala:

(Circa March 2016. Cost of this gown…$10 from a prom resell event.) 

Normally I would thrift again if need be. However, if there is a gown I see at the show that really strikes me, I may pay the bigger money and go for that one instead.

But back to the subject at hand, runway modeling. Typically when you think of runway you automatically refer to this:

                     (Source: Pinterest)

A 17 year old, 6ft tall Amazon, who is a size 2 max and probably weighs about 50 lbs lighter than me. I’m not against these girls (your body is your body) but they were the norm for quite some time. Now the industry is changing to reflect body positivity: hiring curvier and more petite models. Hiring models with disabilities  and battling ageism as well. Major designers are now including these models into the mix because it’s smart. Think about it, I have a black tie event that I will be attending. I’m more inclined to purchase a gown if I see the model is closer to my body type than someone who is incredibly thin. I hope sometime in the future there will be a greater variety of models. In the meantime, I’m happy to be a part of the increasing trend.

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