Shark Week

For those of us, of the female persuasion, we have to deal with a week of bullshit every month called Shark Week. Although I haven’t started yet, this upcoming week is already ramping up to be a doozy. Why you ask? Let’s see…first, it’s timing for arriving at the worst time is impeccable. Next week is tech week leading up to the 3 shows I will be performing in Carmilla. I get the feeling it will arrive sometime around next Friday (the day of the first show.) 

The second: PMS. Every month my symptoms are different. This time I got super bloated, super fast and now most of my clothes are tight. Last month I was an emotional wreck. The month before, my face was littered with acne. 

Third and worst of all, I’m the hungriest person you will ever meet. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to eat. Some reason around this time I don’t stay full and I’m usually famished not long after eating. 

I’m fully aware that periods are a part of life. They’re just really uncomfortable. And in the next few days a test to see if I can manage my emotions and not get short with people. I was already tested yesterday with one of the people who I’ve written about previously that resurfaced. The last thing I want right now is to get in trouble for going on an ass whooping spree.

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