Keeping a Work Journal

           (I’m a bit of a notebook addict)

Last week during the class that I teach, I was explaining to my students about the importance of keeping a work journal. As to be expected their eyes were a little glazed over and started doodling on the notebooks provided instead. Still I gave them some simple rules:

•This is a journal that is simply used for information regarding your career. This is not to be used to write down your deepest darkest secrets, but as a memory keeper.

•You write down any job that you have worked (paid or unpaid though the former is preferred.) This includes the date, the nature of the job, the cost incurred (if any) to do the job and of course the payment for that job.

•Any event related to your career should also be documented. (Date, cost, what the event is, who you met, etc.)

•Classes and Workshops: While I would expect there would be notes taken for any lessons; the same rules still apply like the jobs and events (date, cost, subject, who you met, etc.)

•One last thing I would also include in the journal are random items as well, regardless of whether they cost money or have to directly do with an upcoming job or event. This would include: Films watched. Books and/or magazine articles read and why the information was valuable. Cosmetic items purchased. Clothing or costume items purchased. If you move to an area that is greatly beneficial to your career or places traveled in general. People you met or people you saw that inspired a character. Odd jobs that contribute investment money into your career. Even previous experience before embarking on this career that shaped you.

For instance today: I spoke with my modeling agent about my upcoming fitting for a show I am in. In addition to that she asked if I could volunteer my time for a charity show that is presenting next week. My journal entry looks as such…


Spoke with Shawna about upcoming fitting for Eleganza event. Must contact Colleen or Alex at Claire’s Boutique for fitting time. Bring formal and business footwear during fitting. Dates for fitting are 10/25, 10/26 or 10/27 from 2-7pm for one hour. 

Also Shawna asked if I could volunteer for another show at the Chase Center on 11/3. I agreed. Fitting will be on 10/31 in Greenville (check email for more details.) Show starts at 6pm. Call time is 5pm.

That’s about the jist of what a work journal would look like. On the day of the fittings I will write down my travel, who I spoke to, what I’m wearing, etc. What I love about work journaling is that it helps me keep my head together. I hope this helps.

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