Jesus Take The Wheel

(Yeah…looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.)

 So it’s official, I’m the Assistant Stage Manager for A Christmas Carol. This should be fun and good resume experience for me. Not only that, but I will also be doing lighting and two small parts on stage. My script is already covered in notes and will be the master script by the time this show is over.

(Source: Pinterest and the Backstage Badger Tumblr page.)

This is my first try at being a Stage Manager in a production and of course it is the most challenging play due to the size of the the cast and lack of structure. The only thing I can do is pray that it turns out well. One thing is certain, we have a Divo (yes a man) in our midst; who, even though he is just an actor for this production, thinks he is the director for some reason.

                              (Boy, Bye)

 If he survives til the end it will be a good run. Fingers crossed, because I don’t look good in prison orange.



Lately I’ve been getting some very interesting emails and messages on various sites that are…very unsettling, to say it best. One that I got today was very strange: inviting me to a party at a specific time and address with no subject line or name where it came from. Creepy at best. Like sure, let me go to this place so I can be murdered and sell my body parts on the black market. (Who needs kidneys anyway?) WHO on Earth would do that?  Look I’m an adult, but I’m still a firm believer in yelling out Stranger Danger if I have to.

What’s even more unsettling is the increasing amount of DM’s that I’m getting from people who are making unnecessary comments about my dress, my body, my dating life and my career. Praise is one thing. Advice is one thing. But if you’re sending me messages about how I should adjust myself to fit your ideal well then you are just plain wrong. 

Sorry. Stuff like this is annoying. Stuff like this is why there are people with eating disorders and low self confidence due to the fear of what others think. Stuff like this is why people don’t venture out courageously to try new things because they are, or feel threatened. Stuff like this is why I’m losing faith in humanity. I’m off to take a nap before a vein pops out of my forehead.


(Source: Pinterest and the Backstage Badger Tumblr page.)

I’ve been given a very unique opportunity this coming Tuesday to attend a seminar devoted to women working as Film Crew. This is very exciting for me due to the fact that although I do not yet have a college degree: I do have a technical diploma in Film and Video production for doing exactly everything that will be discussed. 

It’s been a while and I am a little rusty which is why I volunteered to do tech work for Reedy Point Players to get the wheels turning again. This will be one of those full circle moments when I can dust off that diploma and finally use my training for a job! 

                       (Source: Pinterest)

Now mind you, this does not take away from everything that I do now. I’m still working as an actress and a model. I consider this as staying within the industry and working; while working on booking roles. It is also a great networking opportunity and you never know who you will be working with in the future. I look forward to giving a full report after the seminar is over.

Taking a Break 

This has also been a very long and busy week. Much of it though involved me working at my other survival gig which is cleaning houses part time. As far as work pertaining to the entertainment industry, this is what I have going on so far:

•I got accepted to walk in Philadelphia Fashion Week in February 2017.

•I am working as both an actor and tech person for A Christmas Carol for the Reedy Point Players.

•I may be walking in another fashion show sponsored by the University of Delaware, but I have not heard back from them yet.

•I may be helping with the Young Actor’s Workshop for the Arden Shakepeare Gild in January.

And that’s about it.

Thankfully I have the house cleaning gig and the teaching gig to keep me alive, though I wish I could do some more castings. I pretty much put out for everything that I could at the moment with nary a callback. So since this is basically a brick wall at this point, I’m going to take a step back and just get ready for the holidays. If you need me I will be knee deep in mashed potatoes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Background Work and a Spooky Story…

This past Monday I worked background on the set of Homeland. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. Besides the fact that it was a short day (I was there from 8am til 3pm) I had the weirdest feeling of Deja Vu ever. Why? Because I dreamt about this very day over a year ago…

I’m dead serious. I’m walking down a corridor behind several people. I walk outside to see people shout at someone as they walk past. We cut. We wrap for the day. As we are walking back down the corridor to go upstairs; a man falls down the escalator and a woman shrieks. DUDE! My eyes could not have gone wider than in that moment! What does this all mean?! Am I psychic? Does this make me a superhero now?! It was all too freaky.

Even so, the experience of background acting is one of great fun. Yes there are long days and sometimes the weather isn’t always ideal, but you can get some pretty consistent work if you plug away at it. Thankfully I’m not limited to just background alone and still make an effort to pad my resume with theater credits. Eventually I will get down to building a reel and try to pull in some bigger speaking roles as well. I submitted myself for another casting that will shoot tomorrow if I get it. Fingers crossed.

Photo Shoot

(Not the case yesterday, but it will probably happen soon because I’m awkward.)

Well another successful photo shoot for the books happened yesterday. I worked with the same photographer Julie Desidero who is responsible for the lovely headshot that crowns this blog. It was a very chilly day in Southeastern Pennsylvania and we shot in the complex of my agency. Very tough exterior since its an industrial complex with a very bland layout but we made it work. 

I had three looks to work with and she managed to get some beautiful headshots. I will have retouched photos and a disc in a week! Photo shoots aren’t necessarily the most fun (don’t get me wrong, I like doing them) they’re just not as glamorous as one might think. It’s all about your posing, the lighting, the clothes you wear and the time frame. Since it was exterior and we had our first week of daylight savings, things had to move quickly in order to maintain daylight.  

These photos are an update since my last shoot was almost two years ago. I have lost weight and my hair has grown longer since then. Hopefully these will hold me over for a while.