Holy crap this past week and weekend were SUPER busy! First and foremost with Tech Week for Carmilla. Since this is community theater, we (the actors) had other jobs to do besides working on our performances. For me it was help with tech. Kevin and Aniela (as I like to call them the Dynamic Duo) showed me the ropes of what they do as tech director and assistant. This meant installing lighting, wiring for sound and cuing up the lights and sound for the staged reading before the main production titled “The Wolves of Cernogratz.” I like doing tech and had to much of it as part of my trade experience in high school (though that tech was more dedicated to film production than live theatre.) 

        (Source: Reedy Point Players FB)

Then it was show time! Finally all of the hard work and dedication paid off. We had three solid performances (though there were a couple of quirks in the first and third shows.) Overall it was very satisfying. Unfortunately due to the amount of royalties that the company would have to pay for recording the show I am unable to present a replay on this blog 😢. I guess you will have to attend the next show I do 😊. 

             (From Shyamaween 2016)

Saturday the 29th was quite possibly the busiest of all. First I had to teach my students in the morning. They were very interested in the show I was in and all of the work that I do. They all follow me on Instagram. Now, besides keeping my social media updated so my grandparents can keep abreast of what I’m doing; I’m now leading by example for my students who also want to enter into this field. And they are adorable too. Asking questions such as “are you famous?”  (Lol, no.) “Have you met any famous people? “(Yes, including M. Night Shyamalan as posted above.) “Have you met Taylor Swift? ” (Um…no and I don’t see a reason why I would, unless we hang out with people in the same circles.)  Most of that class, besides all of the questions about my career, was all about proper makeup application; which they groaned about quite a bit. This was a long way from when I was their age. I was desperate to learn how to put on eyeliner.

The second part of my Saturday was performing in Carmilla. It was the best night and the most flawless. Lucky for me because that was the show my parents attended and they loved it. My dad is now the director Sean’s biggest fan and both he and my mom thought I was enthralling. Yay! (By the way, if I haven’t mentioned before…both of my parents were actors. Trained and all, so they watched the performance as if I wasn’t their daughter. They would tell me if I’m terrible lol.) 

After the show I attended the annual Shyamaween Halloween party hosted by M. Night Shyamalan. A longtime friend of my Mom is the DJ and works all of M. Night’s events. The ticket was originally intended for my mom, however she was not up to attending this year. (She did go last year.) In her place, I acted as her representative. He has a film coming out in January starring James McAvoy called “Split.” He was also in attendance (😱 Professor X!) The party was fun, I danced most of the time, took a shot and mostly talked to one of the guests that was dressed up as the 60’s version of Batman.

           (Cast and Crew of Carmilla 😊)

Sunday was the last day and of course I have all of the feels. We had a good turnout though half of us nearly missed our cue due to places not being called and talking about chub rub. Still we gave a good performance and finished up the day with strike (tearing down the set) and the cast party. Later that night, the episode of Quantico that I worked on was on and went over to my Grandparents’ house to watch it together. The funny thing is I had more screen time walking past Ms. Chopra than I did sitting with Mr. Tovey. Still many of my friends tuned in to spot me and were super excited. I feel the love 😊. 

(Taken today at the Wilmington Country Store)

Today, I tried to be as lazy as possible. Though my plans were interrupted halfway through to attend a fitting for this Thursday’s fashion show on the Riverfront. Both outfits I will be modeling are primarily Eileen Fisher and provided courtesy of the Wilmington Country Store in Greenville, DE (a very affluent neighborhood in Delaware.) The staff was very friendly and dressed me well. The other cool thing I noticed was the poster they have for the line features a model who is also from Delaware and worked at the same restaurant I did previously (though not at the same time.) I used to see her comp card tacked on the kitchen wall near the bulletin board regularly. I hope to cross paths with her at a show in NYC and say “hey, I used to work at the Bistro too!” Maybe one day. 

My work is not done. Tomorrow I will be doing a print job for the University of Delaware and I still have to work the elections, do another fashion show and perform in “A Christmas Carol” all in the month of November. I love having momentum and I’m hungry for more bookings. 

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