I’m Getting Antsy 

          (Source: The Smart Witch FB)

For the past couple of days, I’ve had this weird feeling that I should be doing more. Why even yesterday I all of a sudden felt like had to get ready for work this morning. The strange thing is…I don’t have to work on Mondays anymore. Or at least if I don’t pick up a gig that happens to be on Monday. Odd feelings like that mean work is coming. 

It may be a sign that I’m jumping the gun a bit. I do have to work the elections tomorrow and I have a modeling gig on Friday. 

Still, very weird. 

It was a very similar feeling that I had right before my car accident. Right before impact, I was shuddering, my mind was racing and and couldn’t stop thinking about the words “car accident”: then BOOM we got hit. Is this my intuition warning me again? Maybe this time in a positive way because I’m “getting ready for work”? 

Now that the feeling occurred, now I just want to work and get on with it. I know it’s better to be present but hell; I’ve been present and idle. IT’S TIME TO MOVE! Today I’ve been reviewing all of my packets needed for tomorrow. I also signed up for the full-time Bad Witch Workout to get this hot mess of a body back to working order. I also have a photo shoot on Saturday and I’m picking out outfits for that now. I have a lot to do, but I know I need to slow down. A friend told me yesterday, “maybe God is saving up something bigger for you and it will come to you.” I sincerely hope this is true. Because right now I’m split between stop and go.

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