Photo Shoot

(Not the case yesterday, but it will probably happen soon because I’m awkward.)

Well another successful photo shoot for the books happened yesterday. I worked with the same photographer Julie Desidero who is responsible for the lovely headshot that crowns this blog. It was a very chilly day in Southeastern Pennsylvania and we shot in the complex of my agency. Very tough exterior since its an industrial complex with a very bland layout but we made it work. 

I had three looks to work with and she managed to get some beautiful headshots. I will have retouched photos and a disc in a week! Photo shoots aren’t necessarily the most fun (don’t get me wrong, I like doing them) they’re just not as glamorous as one might think. It’s all about your posing, the lighting, the clothes you wear and the time frame. Since it was exterior and we had our first week of daylight savings, things had to move quickly in order to maintain daylight.  

These photos are an update since my last shoot was almost two years ago. I have lost weight and my hair has grown longer since then. Hopefully these will hold me over for a while.

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