Background Work and a Spooky Story…

This past Monday I worked background on the set of Homeland. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. Besides the fact that it was a short day (I was there from 8am til 3pm) I had the weirdest feeling of Deja Vu ever. Why? Because I dreamt about this very day over a year ago…

I’m dead serious. I’m walking down a corridor behind several people. I walk outside to see people shout at someone as they walk past. We cut. We wrap for the day. As we are walking back down the corridor to go upstairs; a man falls down the escalator and a woman shrieks. DUDE! My eyes could not have gone wider than in that moment! What does this all mean?! Am I psychic? Does this make me a superhero now?! It was all too freaky.

Even so, the experience of background acting is one of great fun. Yes there are long days and sometimes the weather isn’t always ideal, but you can get some pretty consistent work if you plug away at it. Thankfully I’m not limited to just background alone and still make an effort to pad my resume with theater credits. Eventually I will get down to building a reel and try to pull in some bigger speaking roles as well. I submitted myself for another casting that will shoot tomorrow if I get it. Fingers crossed.

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