(Source: Pinterest and the Backstage Badger Tumblr page.)

I’ve been given a very unique opportunity this coming Tuesday to attend a seminar devoted to women working as Film Crew. This is very exciting for me due to the fact that although I do not yet have a college degree: I do have a technical diploma in Film and Video production for doing exactly everything that will be discussed. 

It’s been a while and I am a little rusty which is why I volunteered to do tech work for Reedy Point Players to get the wheels turning again. This will be one of those full circle moments when I can dust off that diploma and finally use my training for a job! 

                       (Source: Pinterest)

Now mind you, this does not take away from everything that I do now. I’m still working as an actress and a model. I consider this as staying within the industry and working; while working on booking roles. It is also a great networking opportunity and you never know who you will be working with in the future. I look forward to giving a full report after the seminar is over.

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