Lately I’ve been getting some very interesting emails and messages on various sites that are…very unsettling, to say it best. One that I got today was very strange: inviting me to a party at a specific time and address with no subject line or name where it came from. Creepy at best. Like sure, let me go to this place so I can be murdered and sell my body parts on the black market. (Who needs kidneys anyway?) WHO on Earth would do that?  Look I’m an adult, but I’m still a firm believer in yelling out Stranger Danger if I have to.

What’s even more unsettling is the increasing amount of DM’s that I’m getting from people who are making unnecessary comments about my dress, my body, my dating life and my career. Praise is one thing. Advice is one thing. But if you’re sending me messages about how I should adjust myself to fit your ideal well then you are just plain wrong. 

Sorry. Stuff like this is annoying. Stuff like this is why there are people with eating disorders and low self confidence due to the fear of what others think. Stuff like this is why people don’t venture out courageously to try new things because they are, or feel threatened. Stuff like this is why I’m losing faith in humanity. I’m off to take a nap before a vein pops out of my forehead.

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