Near The End of Year Review 


I really put myself to task this year and for lack of a better word, I would call it hectic. Not saying there hasn’t been good moments; but even with the good I felt like I was pretty much getting my ass kicked. Truth be told, I wasn’t alone…

Let’s start with what was crap first so I can lift myself up with the good after:

•It took me most of the year to recover from my car accident. Winter time was the worst for my aching muscles and bones. 

•Because of my accident in the beginning and then my pursuit of my career, I had to cut down my hours significantly at my job and eventually having to resign because I couldn’t do the job anymore without calling out. This would have eventually led to me being terminated so I’m glad I resigned instead.

•My love life is still crap and I did try dating (to very little success). There was someone that I admired secretly, but he turned out to be a twat so…no to that. (I can’t even stand to see his face it is so bad. And I still have dreams about him, ew.)

•Financially this year was much harder than last year (mostly due to the accident) but also due to picking up more gigs. (Not a horrible thing but still very expensive with travel and all.)

•Because I’m a stress eater, my weight kinda came back up since my weight loss post, but now for some reason it’s going down. (Mostly due to being so stressed out that I’m now not eating.)

•Practically the whole world is in turmoil and like a lot of other people, I’m at a loss on how to solve it. (I love solutions, but no one seems to want to move in any direction.) My faith in humanity is all but shot at the moment.

•I’m losing some of friendships because of my career change.

•Prince and David Bowie are gone and never coming back.

•I’m still not where I want to be. (This is just me whining though.)

And now for the good:

•I made a ton of new and genuine friends, who are so funny, intelligent and talented that I want to grow up and be just like them. And along with them, my existing friendships are still just as strong.

•I booked a lot of paying jobs this year and ended up being featured background on National TV.

•The independent feature film, MUDA, by the Liberian production company Ducor Media had been nominated for 13 awards at the African Oscars. They won 3 including People’s Choice for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay.

•I was cast in my first Shakepeare play and I’m a member of the board for the Arden Shakepeare Gild.

•I had the lead role in “Carmilla” and stayed with Reedy Point to help with “A Christmas Carol.”

•Because of staying at Reedy Point I’m now doing a staged reading at Bootless Stageworks for a play called “Body and Sold.” I will have an individual post about this production at a later time.

•I’m cast for at least one designer at the moment for Philadelphia Fashion Week and also Synergy (a fashion show hosted by the University of Delaware fashion design students.) I hope to work as a volunteer at NYFW and have been keeping my finger on the pulse for that.

•There is also some film work now booking in Philadelphia that I submitted for so I’m still splitting my time between both major cities. (The City of Brotherly Love, that Never Sleeps lol.)

•I’m finally cleared by my medical team to move around like a normal human again (though I still have some physical limitations.) Just in time for winter so I don’t have to suffer in pain like I did last year.

•I had to push back my start date for my education in Ireland due to being booked out until February and possibly March. Not a bad thing work wise, but I am a little depressed that I’m not in Dublin right now.

•My teacher gig is pretty cool and my students are sweet. Though I think this will be my only semester due to working to get myself back into school.

I still have goals that are now rolling over into 2017, because they were not accomplished in 2016. I hope soon to deliver better news and less complainy posts.

Write The Story

I found this fun little journal while I was out Christmas shopping with my friend. It’s a writing prompt journal that offers short story challenges using a theme and select words that must be included in the story as well. I figured this will help me with my writers block. My main issue is the fact that my life moves faster than I can write and the information I want to share no longer becomes relevant. This is tough because I love sharing my adventures. So in lieu of that I will share one of the writing prompts I was given in this journal for fun. There are so many prompts, that this will not be my only one and it’s something I can take with me on the road while I work on film projects. So here goes:

Theme: The Gala Event of The Season

Words that must be included: cater waiter, suspicious, architecture, money, switch, imagine, yawn, blot, lilac and program.

She placed down the napkin she used to blot her lipstick with. Seated across from her was a handsome gentleman; admiring the architecture of the building where the Gala is taking place. She noticed his boutonnière. “Lavender?” She asked. “Lilac.” He replied, as the invitation requested all guests to include spring flowers in their wardrobe. A cater waiter walked past with a tray of champagne flutes. She made the switch from an empty flute to a fresh one garnished with a cherry. He let out a slight yawn, bored by the attendance of another party with people whom he could not relate to; except for one woman, who was sitting off in the distance and acting like a complete stranger towards him. The woman at the table noticed him staring at a group of people…”I imagine you were hoping to speak to someone here weren’t you?” He looked as his inquisitor, “how did you know?” “A little bird told me.” She replied as she took a sip of champagne. “What kind of bird?” He asked. “A bird that has told me MANY things about you.” She said. He stared at her for a moment, taking in the suspicious statement. She continued. ” I also hear that you are quite low on money, is that so?” His stomach twisted into a know at this point. ‘How does she know all this?!’ He thought. “Poor, little rich boy.” She said with a snide tone. “Your life is in shambles. But, I CAN help…if you’re willing to follow my program of course.”

The end.

Not really a masterpiece, but it is a start. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll share more as I go along.

I Have Nothing To Say

I’m having the worst time writing about my adventures lately and I’m a little stuck. I promise to come back once the fires of creativity get sparked again…