Write The Story

I found this fun little journal while I was out Christmas shopping with my friend. It’s a writing prompt journal that offers short story challenges using a theme and select words that must be included in the story as well. I figured this will help me with my writers block. My main issue is the fact that my life moves faster than I can write and the information I want to share no longer becomes relevant. This is tough because I love sharing my adventures. So in lieu of that I will share one of the writing prompts I was given in this journal for fun. There are so many prompts, that this will not be my only one and it’s something I can take with me on the road while I work on film projects. So here goes:

Theme: The Gala Event of The Season

Words that must be included: cater waiter, suspicious, architecture, money, switch, imagine, yawn, blot, lilac and program.

She placed down the napkin she used to blot her lipstick with. Seated across from her was a handsome gentleman; admiring the architecture of the building where the Gala is taking place. She noticed his boutonnière. “Lavender?” She asked. “Lilac.” He replied, as the invitation requested all guests to include spring flowers in their wardrobe. A cater waiter walked past with a tray of champagne flutes. She made the switch from an empty flute to a fresh one garnished with a cherry. He let out a slight yawn, bored by the attendance of another party with people whom he could not relate to; except for one woman, who was sitting off in the distance and acting like a complete stranger towards him. The woman at the table noticed him staring at a group of people…”I imagine you were hoping to speak to someone here weren’t you?” He looked as his inquisitor, “how did you know?” “A little bird told me.” She replied as she took a sip of champagne. “What kind of bird?” He asked. “A bird that has told me MANY things about you.” She said. He stared at her for a moment, taking in the suspicious statement. She continued. ” I also hear that you are quite low on money, is that so?” His stomach twisted into a know at this point. ‘How does she know all this?!’ He thought. “Poor, little rich boy.” She said with a snide tone. “Your life is in shambles. But, I CAN help…if you’re willing to follow my program of course.”

The end.

Not really a masterpiece, but it is a start. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll share more as I go along.

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