When You Have To Cut Your Ties

Talking about cutting the grass to find the snakes. I had to drop out of a project due to the person in charge being one. It is unfortunate, with starting out in this business to have to navigate through what is truth and what is false. I think my IMDB profile it attached to the project, but no contract has been signed thankfully and I have representation if need be. The big thing for me is that I’m not really desperate for a role. Would I like to book more paying work? Of course, but I’m not compromising my dignity for it. (Meaning I’m there to work on the project because I want to act. Not because the producer has a “thing” for me. That is no merit for booking a job.)

One of the promises I made to myself was to gather experiences and training in all areas of entertainment (like crew or stunt work) to always keep myself employed. I do what I can to avoid burning bridges unless, like this situation, I absolutely have to. Professionalism on a project is important to me. I conduct myself as such and that is something I expect out of others. So if neither party can be professional, it’s time to leave. (The irony is using a very unprofessional meme. However, it fit what I was trying to express.)

Oh well, all this means is that I have to remain poor a little while longer.


So in addition to all of the other things that I do to boost my career and keep money in my pocket, I also clean houses.

It’s a nice cash booster and the hours are flexible (especially when you pick up gigs at the last minute.) Many of the houses that I work on are very large mansions. While they are very beautiful, from a logistical perspective, they are very difficult to clean. If you follow me on Pinterest you see that my home ideas are bordering on the side of minimalism and small homes. The clients I work for are very affluent, however I am not so hiring a housekeeper wouldn’t work for me. Besides, even if I were to be affluent, I don’t know if I really want to hire a housekeeper. I’m a bit of an introvert and really value my space so I don’t know if I really want people over all the time. Plus, I know how I like to keep things so I would get on the cleaner’s nerves with my micromanaging (which would make the point of hiring a cleaner in the first place a moot point.) 

The goal would be for the house to be super comfortable. All of my things would be nicely placed and easy to clean. It would be well laid out but not so big that it is practically a museum. It would also be affordable so I can actually spend time IN MY HOUSE instead of slaving away somewhere else just to keep up the mortgage payment. 

One day…

Preparation pt. 2

With the inauguration just a day and a half away, I’ve taken extra steps of precaution to be of service to people anyway that I can. Much of this has to do with the event of another terror threat in my community of which my high school friend had to report herself as safe. This is incredibly frustrating (especially when there are children involved) to have to keep dealing with people who want to create more chaos. Here are steps that I am taking to be more prepared:

•Keeping my CPR kit on me at all times in the event of injury and/or loss of consciousness.

•Keeping all of my self-defense knowledge up to date.

•Showing kindness if there is harassment involved.

•Leading by example on what common sense, manners and forward thinking looks like.

•Be active in the community however I can. (This one isn’t always easy because of time and money.)

The biggest thing is to be cautious but not to be fearful. This is all I have to give so I will do my best.

Documenting My Journey…the beginning

For those of you that read my blog, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Aneila. I met her this past year while working on ‘Carmilla’ at Reedy Point. Her and Her husband Kevin were tech crew for that performance, but they are also actors and directors as well. Aneila has gone back into blogging about her journey and I want to share her page so you can follow her like I do. We are also birthday twins! (Bulls forever!! ♉️)

Welcome friends, family and others to my journey. Here I will be documenting the journey I am on in relation to my activism, my theatre involvement and life in general. At times my blogs will be li…

Source: Documenting My Journey…the beginning

Things Coming Together 

(Source: My friend Deandra posted this and I HAD to save it lol.)

A quick update on good things happening right now. 

• I finally registered for a stage combat course starting this week. Right now, I’m slowly but surely working on my fitness so I’m not super rusty when I take the class.

• I was contacted by the same agency that I did background for on the show Homeland. Because it is the same type of role they contacted me to work on a different show as they same type of character. I plan on doing a couple of days of shooting.

• I will be doing some tech work for the show Eurydice, directed by my friend Sean McGuire. I’m really excited about this because it will be at the Wilmington Drama League and I want to see how their crew does work. 

• The final designer castings for Philadelphia Fashion Week and soon I will find out my itinerary for the week and fittings to come.

• I also have a shoot in early February that I can add to my reel and get a SAG credit for. 

•Another project that I’m involved in may begin shooting in the summertime. 

All good and pleasant things. I’m really looking forward to putting in some work. 

Body & Sold Pt.2

         (Source: Pinterest and of course                                   SpongeBob Squarepants.) 

The show is over, we had our miniature cast party which was cool. I will soon enter my post show depression. But before I do that, let me go into why I’m a little extra paranoid after this show. 

Because it is a documentary play (us telling real stories of women and men that were trafficked), the play may have had too much of an affect on me. Starting with the “Stranger Danger” concept. I’ve been looking over my shoulder a little more. Chalk this up to pre-existing anxiety and the story of how my character was basically kidnapped and just absolutely broken by her trafficker; I get a bit more defensive. 

Plus I had an incident earlier today where I was walking home from buying coffee at Starbucks and a guy approaches in his vehicle and offers me a ride; I say no and then he proceeds to tell me that he is not crazy and after I say no AGAIN, drives around the block a couple of times and watches me walk to my destination…

Seriously? Seriously…SERIOUSLY?! 

At what point will the answer NO be enough for you? This is part of my New Year’s Resolution of establishing boundaries and eliminating toxic people from my life. Because people are getting a little too bold for no reason. And every body wants to know why I keep to myself most of the time. 

              (Source: someecards.com)

Mind you, while that was a male creeper that pulled those shenanigans today, in the play a woman acted as a co-pimp in my character’s story. So because people suck in general (no matter the gender) I’m officially on the #TrustNoBitch2017 bandwagon. Creepers show up in all forms. Stay safe and don’t get trafficked.

Body & Sold

      (Source: Jereme Ford and Pinterest)

I’m back after a long week to report on the show I’m performing in titled “Body & Sold” by Deborah Lake Fortson. This is a documentary play based upon the stories of youth who have survived or barely survived sex trafficking. I took on the project for a number of reasons: 1) I have been interested in eradicating sex trafficking since I was presented with the statistics by an organization in Florida called Selah Freedom. 2) I am connected with Director Gail Wagner from Reedy Point Players who partnered up with Rosanne DellAversano of Bootless Stageworks to present this show. This is my first opportunity at Bootless and I’m really excited. 3) It is a staged reading style as opposed to a traditional play, which I have never done before so this was something fun and new to try.

The ensemble is performing all this week at Bootless, January 11-14, with my first run being last night. Aside from not being in the best health (I have a stomach bug) it was a good first run. The stories are graphic and very traumatic. And many of them start at home and at a very young age. Being found by people who promise them the world but abused them instead. Two of the characters were older and trafficked by way of stripping (which weirds me out a bit for many reasons I won’t go into on this post.) 

Tonight my parents will be attending the performance. They were prewarned about the graphic language and detail so I know they won’t be uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to the next three shows and being in a better groove.


The sad part is I wasn’t even partying like a rock star, which would make for a better story. 

After a wild and crazy night of eating a plate of nachos and having a couple of cocktails; I feel like crap. Quitting alcohol is not a resolution of mine, but since I don’t drink as much as I did when I was younger, I don’t think I would miss it. This is a year of self-care and some intense training with some new projects I have coming up.  

I need to treat my stress with fitness anyway.

                    (The struggle is real)

*Meme photos sourced by Getty Images and WWE.