Body & Sold

      (Source: Jereme Ford and Pinterest)

I’m back after a long week to report on the show I’m performing in titled “Body & Sold” by Deborah Lake Fortson. This is a documentary play based upon the stories of youth who have survived or barely survived sex trafficking. I took on the project for a number of reasons: 1) I have been interested in eradicating sex trafficking since I was presented with the statistics by an organization in Florida called Selah Freedom. 2) I am connected with Director Gail Wagner from Reedy Point Players who partnered up with Rosanne DellAversano of Bootless Stageworks to present this show. This is my first opportunity at Bootless and I’m really excited. 3) It is a staged reading style as opposed to a traditional play, which I have never done before so this was something fun and new to try.

The ensemble is performing all this week at Bootless, January 11-14, with my first run being last night. Aside from not being in the best health (I have a stomach bug) it was a good first run. The stories are graphic and very traumatic. And many of them start at home and at a very young age. Being found by people who promise them the world but abused them instead. Two of the characters were older and trafficked by way of stripping (which weirds me out a bit for many reasons I won’t go into on this post.) 

Tonight my parents will be attending the performance. They were prewarned about the graphic language and detail so I know they won’t be uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to the next three shows and being in a better groove.

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