Body & Sold Pt.2

         (Source: Pinterest and of course                                   SpongeBob Squarepants.) 

The show is over, we had our miniature cast party which was cool. I will soon enter my post show depression. But before I do that, let me go into why I’m a little extra paranoid after this show. 

Because it is a documentary play (us telling real stories of women and men that were trafficked), the play may have had too much of an affect on me. Starting with the “Stranger Danger” concept. I’ve been looking over my shoulder a little more. Chalk this up to pre-existing anxiety and the story of how my character was basically kidnapped and just absolutely broken by her trafficker; I get a bit more defensive. 

Plus I had an incident earlier today where I was walking home from buying coffee at Starbucks and a guy approaches in his vehicle and offers me a ride; I say no and then he proceeds to tell me that he is not crazy and after I say no AGAIN, drives around the block a couple of times and watches me walk to my destination…

Seriously? Seriously…SERIOUSLY?! 

At what point will the answer NO be enough for you? This is part of my New Year’s Resolution of establishing boundaries and eliminating toxic people from my life. Because people are getting a little too bold for no reason. And every body wants to know why I keep to myself most of the time. 


Mind you, while that was a male creeper that pulled those shenanigans today, in the play a woman acted as a co-pimp in my character’s story. So because people suck in general (no matter the gender) I’m officially on the #TrustNoBitch2017 bandwagon. Creepers show up in all forms. Stay safe and don’t get trafficked.

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