Preparation pt. 2

With the inauguration just a day and a half away, I’ve taken extra steps of precaution to be of service to people anyway that I can. Much of this has to do with the event of another terror threat in my community of which my high school friend had to report herself as safe. This is incredibly frustrating (especially when there are children involved) to have to keep dealing with people who want to create more chaos. Here are steps that I am taking to be more prepared:

•Keeping my CPR kit on me at all times in the event of injury and/or loss of consciousness.

•Keeping all of my self-defense knowledge up to date.

•Showing kindness if there is harassment involved.

•Leading by example on what common sense, manners and forward thinking looks like.

•Be active in the community however I can. (This one isn’t always easy because of time and money.)

The biggest thing is to be cautious but not to be fearful. This is all I have to give so I will do my best.

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