So in addition to all of the other things that I do to boost my career and keep money in my pocket, I also clean houses.

It’s a nice cash booster and the hours are flexible (especially when you pick up gigs at the last minute.) Many of the houses that I work on are very large mansions. While they are very beautiful, from a logistical perspective, they are very difficult to clean. If you follow me on Pinterest you see that my home ideas are bordering on the side of minimalism and small homes. The clients I work for are very affluent, however I am not so hiring a housekeeper wouldn’t work for me. Besides, even if I were to be affluent, I don’t know if I really want to hire a housekeeper. I’m a bit of an introvert and really value my space so I don’t know if I really want people over all the time. Plus, I know how I like to keep things so I would get on the cleaner’s nerves with my micromanaging (which would make the point of hiring a cleaner in the first place a moot point.) 

The goal would be for the house to be super comfortable. All of my things would be nicely placed and easy to clean. It would be well laid out but not so big that it is practically a museum. It would also be affordable so I can actually spend time IN MY HOUSE instead of slaving away somewhere else just to keep up the mortgage payment. 

One day…

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