When You Have To Cut Your Ties

Talking about cutting the grass to find the snakes. I had to drop out of a project due to the person in charge being one. It is unfortunate, with starting out in this business to have to navigate through what is truth and what is false. I think my IMDB profile it attached to the project, but no contract has been signed thankfully and I have representation if need be. The big thing for me is that I’m not really desperate for a role. Would I like to book more paying work? Of course, but I’m not compromising my dignity for it. (Meaning I’m there to work on the project because I want to act. Not because the producer has a “thing” for me. That is no merit for booking a job.)

One of the promises I made to myself was to gather experiences and training in all areas of entertainment (like crew or stunt work) to always keep myself employed. I do what I can to avoid burning bridges unless, like this situation, I absolutely have to. Professionalism on a project is important to me. I conduct myself as such and that is something I expect out of others. So if neither party can be professional, it’s time to leave. (The irony is using a very unprofessional meme. However, it fit what I was trying to express.)

Oh well, all this means is that I have to remain poor a little while longer.

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