Editing Myself 

           (Source: some ecards website) 

It has been brought to my attention that a previous post that I have made on this blog was a little bit too radical. Even though the post directly reflects my anger related to issues one might face while working in this industry. However, due to the fact that the post has profanity in it: it is not a good reflection of myself…

I’m not taking it down.

I wrote the post and chose the meme based on how I feel and my anger is completely valid. This blog is basically a public journal, which I share my experiences and feelings for those who may enter this career or wanted to know more about how the process works. Since not all of my posts contain profanity nor do I use it all that casually in conversation, you can bet the word was chosen carefully.

Seriously; bottling up what one really wants to say, is how one develops ulcers.

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