Background Work in Philly 

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Center City Philly to do background for ‘Untouchable’ with Kevin Hart (born and raised in Philly), Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman. I’m super happy for numerous reasons:

 First, while Philadelphia does have a fairly decent theater and film scene, booking work that is featured in large markets and shot in Philadelphia is rare. 

The second is that I live 30 minutes away, making travel so much easier for me without spending so much time or money than I do to get to Manhattan. (I get to sleep in a little yay!) 

Also, I’m very familiar with the location where I will be filming at because I went to college in the same area. 

And of course I’m getting paid. Big win all around. 

Booking as much background work as possible is officially my main source of income. The toughest part now is booking background consistently. Just like auditioning for a speaking role, productions still have a specific look in mind for their background actors. For me that look seems to be that of an aristocrat. Now if only more productions need aristocrats for their scenes.

(Source: Thespian Peacock Tumblr and Pinterest)

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