February Blows

This month sucks. This day in particular. We are in the midst of a big snowstorm in Philadelphia and I’m working on set. I’m happy to be here, I just wish that all of this snow would go away. 

February is the coldest, shortest and most depressing month of the year. Valentines Day is in February. (Enough said.) 

Now that I got my little rant out of the way, I am grateful to be working and doing stage combat lessons right now. That has been occupying my time so I focus less on the weather and the fact that I will die a spinster. Plus I’m related to so many people born in February, I can’t complain about them either. (Aquarians are my tribe.)  

I’m looking forward to a good shoot today and hopefully some good news about booking more work later on today or tomorrow. I really need it.

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