Ego and a Superiority Complex 

(Source: The Rebel Pin Up Page Facebook)

I saw many people that I knew from previous networking on set yesterday. This also includes someone who knows my grandfather (he’s a popular guy lol). One of the people that I saw there is someone that I purposefully limit my interaction with. And they made a point to dig in that I am a quiet person and that I don’t “talk” to anyone. No…I just don’t talk to you. For a good reason too. 

If I sense that your ego gives off the vibe that others are beneath you, I won’t talk to you. This person is exactly like that. From my observations thus far, they thrive on people kissing up to them, clamouring for their attention and basically be put on a pedestal. For what? You are no better than me. Nor am I better than you. We are equal.


I know in this business especially that you have to have a bit of “Star Quality”. It’s a given. Still, the same people you meet on the way up: are the same people you meet on the way down. Don’t you want to leave the best impression that they can work with you? This person was literally shocked that I was present at the shoot. As if I was completely inept at being in control of my career or that I know things. And in a condescending tone, had to ask how I found out about this shoot. (Dude, I knew they were filming months ago and was waiting for the casting call. But since you seem to think that I don’t network or “talk” to people, I must be one lucky girl. 🙄) 

So guess what? My impression of you is not that good. Guess what? If I come across a role that you might be a good fit for, I would be less inclined to tell you about it because you were less than respectful to me. So why would I trust you to be respectful to the production company? Why would I trust you amongst my network of friends in the business?

Just something to chew on.

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