Unarmed Stage Combat 

I’ve mentioned that I was taking a stage combat class a couple of times on here and on my social media. But I never really got down to the nitty gritty of what it is that I’m actually doing. So here goes:

It is stage combat not only for theatre, but also for film and television. Like the title of this post suggests, I’m using no weaponry. This is mainly hand-to-hand combat and grappling. (Think of any action film that involves some kind of brawl, like the James Bond films.) What I like about this program is that it feels very similar to my years of training in Tae Kwon Do. In fact, the first day we did some movement called Zen Dancing to get used to movement with my combat partner and my first instinct was to spar. This gives me life. Mainly because I feel like my younger self when I would go to Tae Kwon Do on the nights I didn’t have Cheerleading (my other love). Back in those days, I felt so strong. After years of not being in practice and in addition to the injuries I received from that damn car wreck, my spirit was broken. Strong Shamma was cool Shamma and I want her back.

At the end of this program in two months, I will have to take a choreographed fight adjudication to get certified as a fight coordinator. This is huge because I will be judged by fight coordinators in the business and finish up with a master workshop with them as well. The adjudication will be specifically for unarmed combat. My instructor also teaches Viking Longswords and I will take that course at another time. 

Tomorrow we are working on slapping each other, I’m super excited!

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