I Love Lawyers 

(Source: Artist Unknown, but Phoenix Wright character courtesy of Capcom.)

While some people out there in this big blue marble called Earth may not be big fans of lawyers, I know I certainly am. And while I may have received some good news from my lawyer today, my love for them started way earlier than just me being involved in an accident.

To start, I am related to a couple of lawyers, they are the sweetest men you could ever talk to. I have also had the pleasure of serving many lawyers while I worked at Starbucks. They usually came in with a song in their hearts.  Asking how my day was and since I was just starting my career in the entertainment industry, they often were my biggest cheerleaders. Much of this has to do with the fact that there is a bit of theatrics that come with being a lawyer, especially when you have to present a case in front of a jury. Actually, the love for the theatrics runs so deeply, I have found that some of my favorite cast mates in community theater were lawyers during the day. And of course, I cannot forget about the amazing group of lawyers from the ACLU, fighting for the people just trying to start a new life in our country. Please donate to them here if you can.

To top it all off, my favorite video game series is the Ace Attorney series produced by Capcom (which further cements my love for Capcom.) In these games you are the acting defense attorney on a case; which you have to investigate and present evidence during witness testimony. How you win is proving your client innocent. Though the storylines for the games are often a little winding and combined with the fact that they are produced in Japan so they always have some supernatural element to the game. I find them to be so much fun!

All in all, I love lawyers, to me they’re safe and if you have the right ones they will fight for you.

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