In an earlier post, I wrote about the spooky dream experience I had while on the set of Homeland. I also had a post (since deleted) about how my dreams do pan out to reality in some way. The reason why I’m coming back to this subject is due to the fact that the dream I had last night is relevant to a pitfall that might happen in my career. Think of this post as more of a journal entry that helps me stay accountable as to what might happen to me along the way:

I’m hired to walk someone’s dog. While we are at the park, a couple passes us by on the left and another couple are approaching toward me. The two couples know each other and they happen to be zombies. Their weirdly casual conversation was about how they died. The couple that were approaching me and the dog told the other couple that were passing us, that they had died by eating this platter of poisoned meatballs they had in their hands. (I could smell the meatballs in my dream and they were rotten. All I could think to myself was “no wonder they’re dead!”) Both couples saw me and the dog trying to make a quick getaway and they chased after us and force-fed us the meatballs. We both quickly spat it out, but the taste was left in my mouth and it was horrible. This is when the dream ended and I woke up sick to my stomach.

Since I’m familiar with having dreams with cloaked meanings, this one was very easy to interpret. It’s easy interpretation is also the reason why I’m using the meme above. 

For starters, food of any kind in my dreams, represents money. This may not apply to other people; but since what little I make goes towards feeding me, it makes sense. The fact that they were meatballs is important. I’m a vegetarian, so I avoid any meat product in my daily life anyway. They are poisoned, so not only is this a meal that I would avoid getting nourishment from, it would also actually kill me. (Destroy my career, leave me broken.) The people talking about these poisoned meatballs, were dead. (So they know that what they did was wrong.) And still tried to force feed me with what destroyed them (put me on the wrong path and drag me down to their level). Me and the dog were spitting out the food and trying to get out of there quickly. Dogs are a symbol of love and loyalty. Whom ever hired me to walk their dog has pure intentions for me as opposed to these dead men walking. 

Now I have to stay on high alert, I’ve already been almost dragged into a scam once. Stuck with people who run their business poorly and had to let go of friends who wanted to distract me from my path. It sucks because I just want to be left alone and not have to put up with anyone’s craziness. I deal with enough shenanigans just living.

   (Source: Rebel Pin-Up Facebook Page)

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