Last Day of Fashion Week

I’m seriously riding the struggle bus right now. Besides being highly caffeinated, my knees and ankles are starting to show their age when I’m walking. The garments that I have worn so far are extremely beautiful and the hair and makeup were definitely on point. However, it’s going to take everything I have to punch out this last walk. But first, here’s a photo review of what I’ve worn so far…

Everything, minus the denim and shoes, are courtesy of Janell Wysock Textiles. This was worn Tuesday night at Sugarhouse Casino for Fashion Week Kickoff.

The entire outfit is VonRay Designs by Latasha Henderson (Project Runway s. 15 contestant.) Shoes by Creative Reaction. Worn Thursday night at 2300 arena.

Outfit by Tretu Designs by L. Smith. Bra and shoes provided by me. Worn Friday (last night) at 2300 Arena.

The cool part about fashion week is the the thought that goes into what the hair and makeup should look like. You should see the massive team of stylists and makeup artists that put in the work to make us fit the designer’s vision. I also discovered a new liquid foundation I love in the process (yay!) 

I’m looking forward to what tonight’s outfit will bring. And I will have the photos available on Instagram as soon as I finish walking.

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