Scholarship Essays 

Before I stop wasting my time writing my blog here, and begin to bang out a last minute scholarship essay that was brought to my attention a few minutes ago, and is due tomorrow; let me share with you what the next stage of enrolling into my education looks like. 

Enough said. The scholarship hunt continues…


No, I’m not writing about whatever drama is happening in my life this time. I’m talking about actual fighting, or in my case fight scenes! I have to correspond with my fight partner soon to see what scene we would like to choreograph. Much of what we have to include will be what we learned over the past few weeks:




Aikido rolls

Hair pulling 

Blocks and grappling

These scenes will also include a little bit of dialogue to give context as to who we are and why are we fighting. Is it serious? Is it comedic? Do I owe this person money? Are they stalking me? Does pineapple go on pizza? It’s up to my partner and I to tell a story through violence. I hope to have it recorded and shared with you on this site soon! In the meantime here are a selection of fight scenes that I really love:

Yuen Biao vs. Dick Wei-Millionaires Express

Any fight from the 1966 Batman Series

James Bond Quantum of Solace Knife Fight

My FAVORITE fight Kill Bill pt.1 Beatrix Kiddo vs. Vernita Green

Simply because this scene is so bad and the fact that Jean Claude Van Damme is showing off his twerk team skills-Kickboxer Dance scene

Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock in YES MADAM

Last one I promise, Ong Bak Final Fight Scene, full of Muay Thai flying knees and elbows!

I hope you enjoy these as I did 😊

Farewell Tour

          (Shared from my friend Elanor.)

Now that I’m officially moving to Ireland in a few months, it’s crunch time. Not only to pull money together, but to also connect with my friends and see them in person before I go. I managed to reconnect with one of my friends that I met on the set of Quantico, and I would like to keep that trend going. So in the middle of finding a temporary job, applying for scholarships, and performing in the shows I’m dedicated to; I need to maintain a social life. Will I be able to do it? Who knows.


Thank you, thank you!!! 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉 

I found out earlier today that I have been officially accepted to my school in Ireland. Now comes the real challenge of pulling together all the money I need for a smooth transition. I am allowed to apply for student aid (which is fantastic) and I’m going to see what scholarships I am eligible to apply for. 

This also means that I have to pinch all of my pennies right now and not be wasteful. If I’m smart about my budgeting, it can be done right. By the way I did mention that I was invited to go to Las Vegas to spend time with my friends. This is still on the books since I’ll be on the other side of the pond for at least 2-3 years. It’s considered my farewell tour before shipping off to school. 

(I have to be self-employed just like my character on Animal Crossing.)

So now, it’s about taking all of the income producing activities that I can. I have to have it be flexible since I do have some modeling and theatre jobs on the books. What to do, hmmm…🤔🤔🤔

Live Action Mulan Rant

Ugh…just arrrggg!!! This is very frustrating for me to process. Mulan is my favorite of all of the Disney films. Today it was announced that not only would there be no songs incorporated in the film, but they are taking out Mulan’s love interest Li Shang. According to the director Niki Caro, Mulan will have a rival instead and will be a girly martial arts film. This film does not bode well for me and I will tell you why.

1) I’m a girl who does martial arts and is currently training in unarmed stage combat. I’m really offended that because the film centers around a female character, that it is categorized as a “girly martial arts film” by the director herself! It also shows that she has no concept of what goes on when you train in the martial arts: 

You train your body to be a weapon. The skill is designed to injure or kill another human being, plain and simple. When you have that ability, it transcends gender because it’s dangerous. Treat it with respeck! 

2) The premise of this film was that China was at war with the Mongolian army. As a result they staged a draft where all of the first born sons or only men in the family had to fight. Mulan’s father, who was well beyond his prime and health, had to fight. Much to the dismay of his wife, mother-in-law and his darling daughter Mulan. My concern now since the director categorized it as a “girly martial arts film” is this; is she now going to change the storyline to show Mulan proving her worth as a woman instead of protecting her dad? Because the impression that I got from the original film was that her dad already thought her worthy as a woman. I mean hell, I figured that is why she was so brave to risk death in the first place: to protect the one person who loved her unconditionally.

3) Taking Li Shang out of the film to make a new rival for Mulan is incredibly stupid. Especially since her rivals were already established in the original animated film as Yao, Ling and Chien-Po. Yes, they were there for comic relief, but they also clashed with Mulan or “Ping” in the very beginning. As the famous “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” montage carries on, they are no longer rivals, but equals and earn each other’s respect. Li Shang wanted strong soldiers, so there is no need for him to be a rival. The army was in dire straits and he needed all hands on deck.

I will say just on a side note: remakes tend to irk me a bit so I may be a little biased. Mulan was such a lovely and complete film that I don’t really know why it needs to be remade to begin with. I’m happy that the cast will be entirely Chinese, as it should be, but they should stay consistent with the story structure and the songs that are already there.

A Heavy Weekend 

(Source: Yuri!!!On Ice. This is a factual depiction of me on St. Patrick’s Day.)

Well friends, I’m exhausted. I did stick to my promise of not consuming alcohol…that was until St. Paddy’s evening and I didn’t have to pay for my drinks. I was invited to go see burlesque at one of the local bars and I was in love! Not only because of the burlesque show, but due to the fact that they were a dive entertainment bar, complete with a pole. And I may be trying out for the burlesque troupe. 😊

Anyway, I want to give a quick update on my progress so far:

• April 7-9th I will be performing Titanic: Tragedy and Trial in Delaware City for the Reedy Point Players, I am double-cast and not doing anything else but performing so it should be a solid performance.

•I had to pass on roller derby assessments because of my show schedule being back to back and on the same nights as practice. It couldn’t be done. (Holy Over-Commitment Batman!) 

•Speaking of shows and why my schedule is full; I got cast in Orange Is The New Musical at Bootless Stageworks. This is my second performance this year, with my first being Body and Sold.

(He had it comin’!!! Oh wait…wrong musical.) 

•My school advisor is trying to work their voodoo magic to get me accepted into school, this means I have to update my resume and submit to the program directors to show I’m serious about my education.

•I’m also attending a casting call for a fit modeling job in town. For those that don’t know what “fit modeling” is: you are invited to a fashion lab to try on clothes for fashion brands and give feedback about how well they fit. The brand wants to know how well the garment fits and feels before they mass produce it, and put it out on the market. It’s good money if you can get it. The last time I did it, I ended up getting a free pair of jeans and socks out of the deal. (I don’t think that’s common, so please don’t expect that if you do get the job.) 

•I’m making progress, slowly but surely in my combat class. I got a fight partner today, so we will be going over scenes to work on soon. 

•I’m still trying to pick up some more background jobs, especially since it is pilot season and there are new shows coming out. No such luck right now.

That’s all I got for now, I will keep you posted on anything new.

The Audition Tapes

    (Source: TypicalBallet IG and Pinterest)

Welp, it’s done. I sent the videos of my singing and my monologues. I did the very best with what I had (which wasn’t much) and to be honest…in my opinion it still wasn’t great. I could make valid excuses for why I don’t feel like my submissions weren’t great (like: little time to prepare, weak singing, the fact that I have two other shows on my plate right now, trying to figure out how to make more money, etc.) but that won’t be good enough for school. You can’t make excuses, you just have to do it. And if you fail, you fail. 

So, now I’m looking at alternatives here in the U.S. just in case they say “thanks, but no thanks.”  Truth be told, I don’t know how I was going to be able to move to Ireland anyway. This may all be just a pipe dream and another loss I will have to take.

(Might as well, I used to being a loser at this point.)