You Don’t Need to Sell Me

There’s been a strange trend for a few years now, where news and social media outlets try to convince me how relatable a celebrity is. I find this weird because: 1) I do, on occasion, work with public figures and I already know they are normal people; and 2) it feels like the people writing this content, are writing it for themselves because THEY feel insecure. Seriously….I’m sure “X” is a great person, but I don’t care about their binge watching addiction or how many cheeseburgers they ate this week. Especially after the Oscars this past weekend where a celebrity was perceived as so cute because of an action they did. The headline went a little like this:

OMG! “So and So” did this at the Oscars and they  totally could be our best friend!!

Sigh…where do I start? Well, even the most monstrous person can present an endearing quality to someone. Hell, that statement alone is why I made the resolution to detox from toxic people. It really is better to see what people carry in their hearts when you have a genuine conversation with them (and not a heavily edited interview), that you know you have a good person on your hands. The only time I had to make a person relatable was at the comic con with the big Marvel stars. One of the girls in line was extremely nervous getting ready to meet Tom Hiddleston and looked like she was about to vomit. Shorty before she stood in line he had to leave the table for a quick bathroom break. Before she could panic I told her “there’s nothing to be worried about. Do you know right before you arrived, he had to go pee? Movie stars have to use the toilet too. Besides, he’s here for you, so enjoy yourself.” She managed to calm down and was able to meet him without puking on him or fainting. I don’t know the guy personally, so that was the only resource I could pull out to use. Thank goodness it worked for her! (Or this would have been a different story altogether 😳) Me, on the other hand, would take much more convincing that he is a good person than knowing he uses the facilities like a normal person. Since I won’t get that opportunity, and I will continue not to care. 

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