I Missed the Ball 😢

Due to being destitute and a previous obligation, I had to miss the annual Masquerade Ball hosted by the Harlem Haberdashery in New York. Last year was the first year I went with my friend and we had a blast! Neither of us could swing it this year and that is devastating. The money raised went to the Harlem Children’s Hospital with the special hashtag of #TakeCareOfHarlem. Also when the ball ended, everyone would meet at the Row House restaurant for a late dinner and continue to party in their speakeasy called the Underbar.

(I could have been sipping on whiskey on the rocks. 

Not only that, the guests were all so lovely. You should see the suits the gentlemen were wearing! I swear this was me the whole night:

(😭😭😭 the men were so sharp! 😭😭😭)

Ugh, I’m going to go to a beautiful ball before this year is through! I’m willing it to the Universe.

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