Ugh! Why?!

Yet ANOTHER post that had to be revisited and re-written. I’ve heard somewhere; you face your toughest opposition right before you breakthrough. I must be in a period of opposition right now, as all of the shenanigans I have ever had to deal with are coming out of the woodwork. The previous deleted post and this one is about a guy. It was originally named “Kaa: But Not From The Jungle Book.” Clearly he was called Kaa for a reason, because he is a giant snake. I won’t take as long this time to explain why. Instead I will share a meme below that sums up most of what I dealt with over the years:


Like I said in the post yesterday, I have a recurring theme in my life with toxicity from people and situations. What’s even more awful about this person and situation, is how long I held on.

Over the summer he called me to apologize for his shenanigans, and I accepted that apology and moved on with my life. Simply on the hopes of not really hearing from him again. NOPE. That didn’t happen and even though he hasn’t said anything other than “hello” I am feeling suspicious.

Why? Two reasons…I cut him off before, only to have him come slithering back. (Hence the Kaa reference.) If I wasn’t so heavily reliant on my social media now, I would just deactivate everything and go ghost. So I am severely limiting my interaction, if at all, with him. I finally freed myself from such a heartbreaking situation that I don’t want to sink back into it. The other reason…he does not work in the entertainment industry at all: but he has expressed interest. That’s why I’m writing about this in the first place. Something about him suddenly showing up out of the blue just stinks to me. I’ll keep you updated.

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