Missed Job Interview 

Since I’m not one to take unemployment sitting down, I figured I would seek out some freelance writing work within my industry. I need something flexible since my life right now includes multiple shows, rehearsals and combat class. One job involved blogging that was based out of NYC but it turned out to be a completely different job. Instead of writing I would actually be reporting and the group had gigs lined up all week. The one I would have interviewed for was a press screening of Kong: Skull Island. Unfortunately it was in Manhattan and I seriously have no means of getting there and back right now. The irony of it all. 😒

One thing I will say is that the job I applied for and what it turned out to be set off a couple of alarm bells. Also the fact that there were no official directions to the press screening, just some vague information of what time I needed to be there was a little strange as well. Not saying that it couldn’t have been a real event, but if this were my company and I was interviewing a candidate, I would make sure they got the complete information ahead of time. So it may have been a good thing that I didn’t go. 

(Me, if I went and it was a total waste of time and money.)

I know my opinions can be too strong at times. Half of the reason why I don’t have a job at the moment is bringing up the point that the business will turn into a sinking ship if the policies and rates don’t change. (Not like I haven’t been a manager before or anything, but I digress.) However, I’m not entirely disagreeing either. When the business is structured well, I’m happy to follow the company’s lead. This is the reason why I enjoy doing so much theatre and working background. Things get done! Time isn’t wasted! We have fun in the process! It’s not that complicated! 

     (What I wanted to say at my last gig.)

But not all hope is lost. I also applied for a writing gig that is based out of Philly that is much closer and easier access. Plus it will give me incentive to write more about the city and learn more of the events around town. Fingers crossed 🤞 

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