Muggle Struggles

  (Source: Mommy Needs Vodka FB page)

I know I’ve been sounding like a broken record discussing how life is kicking my ass right now. This post isn’t going to get any better, so if that’s not your thing, you may want to stop reading right now. For those of you in it with me for the long haul, first let me tell you that I appreciate you. 

As of right now my back is against the wall. I have some wonderful opportunities to earn an income but that’s roughly not going to begin until at least May. So March and April are very uncertain times for me financially. To top it off, I finally started the official process of getting myself to school in Ireland. They just reached me back with a requirement of 2 songs and 2 monologues that I have to complete and submit by next Friday…

The monologues don’t scare me, it’s the singing. When I go out for karaoke night, my go to song is Big Balls by AC/DC (listen to that, it will tell you all you need to know).

So, I’m poor until at least May or June; probably on the verge of being homeless again right now so my jobs in the Summer will not save me; I also have someone in my family that’s not doing too well; trying to go school but first having to submit a video of myself imitating a dying animal; things are pretty bleak right now.

I’m going to hop off now and begin sobbing uncontrollably. Hopefully getting that off my chest will take some of the edge off.

Pray for me.

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